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How to install the SDK

Auth0 Fine Grained Authorization (FGA) is the early-stage product we are building at Auth0 to solve fine-grained authorization at scale. Sign up for the Developer Community Preview to try it out, and join our Discord community if you are interested in learning more about our plans.

Please note that at this point in time, it is not considered production-ready and does not come with any SLAs; availability and uptime are not guaranteed. Limitations of Auth0 FGA during the Developer Community Preview can be found here.

To get started, install the Auth0 FGA SDK packages.

You can find find the Node.js package on npm at: @auth0/fga.

Using npm:

npm install @auth0/fga

Using yarn:

yarn add @auth0/fga
Auth0 FGA Node.js SDK

Install our Node.js & JavaScript SDK to get started.

Auth0 FGA Go SDK

Use our Go SDK to easily connect your Go application to the Auth0 FGA API


Connect your .NET service with Auth0 FGA using our .NET SDK

Have Feedback?

Join us on the Discord community if you have any questions or suggestions.