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Okta FGA support channels

You can find support for Okta FGA several ways, depending on your subscription level.

Community Support

Support for the Okta FGA free trial is provided in the Okta Fine Grained Authorization section of the Auth0 Community.

Enterprise Customer Support

Support for Okta FGA enterprise subscribers is provided at Auth0 Support.

The name of an Auth0 tenant is mandatory when submitting a support request. Customers that do not have an Auth0 enterprise subscription are provided with a tenant when the service is provisioned.

When submitting support tickets for Okta FGA, please include the following:

  • The Account ID for your Okta FGA Account.
  • The Store ID where you are experience the issue.
  • The Okta FGA Authorization Model.

Read more about Okta's support plans, including priority levels, response times and support hours.

Operational Status

You can check the system health in the Okta FGA status page.

Subscription Plans

Learn about the Okta FGA subscription plans.

Okta FGA Dashboard

Sign up for an Okta FGA account.

Auth0 Support

Visit the Auth0 support site.

Have Feedback?

You can use any of our support channels for any questions or suggestions you may have.